How To Be More Eco Friendly

Our Happy Planet Mission Statement 

Our Happy Planet

The simplest way to describe what Our Happy Planet does is to provide information and tips so people can learn how to be more eco-friendly every day. The goal is to produce sustainable living content that makes it easy for readers to live a more happy, healthy, and eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether it is information on where to find electronic recycling locations or everyday tips to live more sustainably, Our Happy Planet is here to help!

Eco-Friendly Tips

Creating content that inspires change at home, work, or school, Our Happy Planet is here to help people make small changes in their daily lives that will result in a substantial positive impact on the environment. Readers who visit the Our Happy Planet online journal can expect to find the latest information on:

  • Electronic Recycling
  • Eco-Friendly Products 
  • Energy Conservation
  • Plastic Recycling 
  • Climate Change
  • Plant-Based Diets & Eating Less Meat 
  • Organic Farming At Home
  • Personal Wellness
  • Uplifting Stories By Everyday People

Our goal is to educate people that with a few small changes every single day we can all make an incredible difference in the world. That means working within the online community to help people adopt environmentally-friendly behaviors and daily practices. These practices include simple things we can all do in our everyday lives such as buying local, recycling the right way, reducing energy consumption, and more.

Recycling at Home Ideas

When it comes to sustainability the first topic that needs to be addressed in detail is recycling. Our Happy Planet has many recycling tips and tricks to make the process of recycling paint, batteries, styrofoam, fluorescent tubes, and other products a little easier. The goal is for Our Happy Planet to be your personal guide to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. That means providing information on the best way to recycle plastic bottles to help you find a recycling center near me.