Benefits Of Rubbing Banana Peel On Face

Is Rubbing Banana Peel On Face Good?

Are you looking for an organic solution that will give your skin a natural glow absent of fine lines? Of course, you do! We all do! Expensive night creams, shower gels, and blogs touting the latest beauty tips all promote products that claim to give you glowing skin. But did you know there is something that is essentially free that even Queen Elizabeth ii used to help with everything from teeth whitening to getting a natural glow for skin? The answer comes in the form of a banana face mask, and now women everywhere looking for an organic natural glow are turning to peels for skin care. Now, let’s dive into banana benefits and learn more!

Banana is a fruit that is increasingly rich in essential nutrients such as fiber, potassium, and vitamin C (antioxidant). All these nutritional components of bananas make them healthy fruit to eat. However, most of us throw banana peel after eating a banana.

One must reconsider throwing banana peels in trash bins as they have top-notch skin benefits. Following are key benefits of banana peels:

  • Glowing Skin
  • Hair Growth
  • Home Remedies
  • Banana Peels To Treat Injuries
  • Teeth Whitening

What Are The Benefits Of Rubbing Banana Peel On Face?

Using a banana peel for skin is a vital ingredient for having radiant skin. Furthermore, it also reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Banana peels are rich in vital nutrients that directly enhance skin health. These peels of banana can brighten the dark circles on your face skin. The pieces of banana peel are best for revisualizing your skin’s natural glow.

Puffiness is also a major skincare problem that most people face nowadays. However, you can reduce puffiness by using banana and orange peels on your skin. Dry skin is an alarming situation that occurs when the skin is not having even moisture content from vitamin D.

A banana peel for your skin will convert dry skin into oily skin due to its moisturizing properties. In addition, banana peels also exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is vital for the treatment of itch skin disease psoriasis. Furthermore, if you apply the peel of bananas on your skin, it will ward off all the dead skin cells and will surely help in treating acne.

Bananas also exhibit greater benefits due to the antioxidants present in them. Moreover, the bioactive compounds in bananas make them the perfect home remedies for treating skin-related diseases.

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What Are The Effects Of Banana Peels On Hair Growth?

Experts weigh that banana peels are a great ingredient for making a hair mask. The hair mask is a natural treatment to make hair thicker and shiner. Antioxidants in the banana peel are the main components that play a decisive role in hair growth and health.

These antioxidants in the banana peel will remove the free radicals in the roots and scalp of the hair. Therefore, using banana peels on hair will prevent hair fall and will make hair stronger. Thus, it is an excellent and natural replacement for shower gels.

How Are Banana Peels Used for Whitening Teeth?

According to research studies, banana peels demonstrate antibacterial properties. However, the antibacterial present in the mouth can cause different diseases, such as periodontitis and gingivitis. A DIY banana treatment can ward off these diseases. You can use mashed bananas and banana peels to create a homemade DIY banana solution.

You will only have to apply this solution to your teeth to kill the bacteria in the mouth. Moreover, it will also heal swelled gums due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, consistency is the requirement to get long-term results from this method. Therefore, rub these banana peels on your teeth for a week daily.

How Do Banana Peels Work as First Aid?

The anti-inflammatory properties of banana peels are the properties that make them act as a viable first aid kit. You can use banana peels to treat headaches. However, it is recommended by experts to use frozen banana peels to get rid of headaches quickly.

Furthermore, banana peels are also effective for treating skin conditions such as bug bites, sunburn, or poison ivy rash. Moreover, rip banana peels are also impactful in treating splinters on the skin’s surface. To treat them, you must keep the banana peels on splinters for 15 minutes.

How To Use Banana Peels For Household Cleaning?

It is highly recommended not to throw banana peels in your trash cans owing to the wide range of benefits of banana peels. These peels have proved useful in cleaning the household. In addition, you can use these peels on silverware and leather shoes to reduce the dull surfaces and make them shiny.

What Is The Role Of Banana Peels In Gardening?

Banana peels have tons of benefits in the gardening sector. You can use these banana peels as compost material. Furthermore, worms love to feed on banana peels. Therefore, placing banana peels inside the soil will prevent the worms from harming your plants. Moreover, you can use peels of bananas to protect roses from aphids.

Is It Fine To Eat Banana Peels?

Yes, it is quite beneficial to eat banana peels, but it may not be possible for everyone to eat them directly. Therefore, there are certain ways to eat banana peels for the most benefits. You can boil banana peels in cold water to make banana tea. Moreover, you can also blend these peels to make a fruit smoothie.

Concluding Remarks

Research on banana peels has concluded that they are beneficial from a wide number of perspectives, such as skin care, first aid treatment, or herbal medications. You can rub these peels to treat the dark circles on your facial skin.

Furthermore, these peels are also effective against itchy skin diseases. You can use these peels for your home and garden improvement too. All these home remedies regarding banana peels have proved effective, and you should give them a try next time you are about to throw them in trash cans.