Electronic Recycling Information

Did you know that 70% of all the toxic waste in public land fills is directly related to electronic waste? That number might sound staggering but it is even more concerning when you factor in that electronic waste only represents 2% of the total waste in landfills. Those numbers should concern everyone because toxic waste in landfills often seeps into the ground and can contaminate fresh drinking water. Not to mention, with some estimates showing electronic waste disposal resulting in over 50 million metric tons each year it is easy to see we are on a path that is not sustainable. Electronic recycling is something that is a global concern, but as individuals there are some facts we should all know. This is why the eco-experts at Our Happy Planet are here to answer some popular electronic recycling FAQs!

Why Electronic Recycling Is Important

Why is it important to care about e waste?

Consumer electronic sales are going up every single year globally, and all those old cell phones, appliances, and other out-dated electronic devices usually end up in one place: landfills. The truth is e-waste is the fastest growing type of waste worldwide. Electronic waste is not just normal waste either because e-waste has many toxic components that are hazardous to humans, wildlife, and the environment. Not to mention, international movement of electronic hazardous waste can have substantial negative health impacts on those moving the material as well as those living near where electronic waste is being stored. E waste is a growing problem that is only getting worse, and that is why it is important for everyone to care about.

Electronic Recycling FAQ’s

  1. Can you put TV in dumpster? Flat screen televisions and other electronics are not allowed to be placed in the regular trash. They need to be properly disposed of at an e-waste or electronic recycling facility. An electronic recycling facility can be located by doing an online search for, “electronic recycling near me“, or contacting local city officials  and waste management.
  2. Does Best Buy recycle electronics? Best Buy is one of the eco-friendliest businesses when it comes to e-waste, as the company accepts 400 pounds of electronic waste every 60 seconds they are open! Best Buy will accept electronics even if they were not purchased at a Best Buy retail store. However, there are some restrictions that apply when it comes to the electronic items they accept so it is advised to contact your local Best Buy store and ask them if they will accept whatever e-waste you are looking to recycle.
  3. What do I do with old cell phones? Old cell phones can be traded in for an upgraded smart phone, recycled, or donated. Regardless of what you choose to do with your old cell phone, do not throw it in the trash.
  4. Does Salvation Army take old TVs? The Salvation Army is a great resource for donating used electronic devices. However, they will only accept televisions that are no more than 5 years old, and the television must be in working condition. Salvation Army also accepts a wide variety of other small personal consumer electronics.
  5. Where can you donate old cell phones? Donating your old cell phone is the best thing you can do to help reduce e-waste. Some places where you can donate old cell phones include Best Buy, Cell Phones For Soldiers, and Call2Recycle.