How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?

10 Awesome Nigerian Dwarf Goat Facts

Nigerian Dwarf goats on average live to 10 years of age in the wild, and 4-5 years longer in captivity.

The Nigerian dwarf goat is growing in popularity as an easy to keep pet with a great personality. As the name suggests, these goats originate from West Africa, although they have been thoroughly bred and developed as a breed in the United States. Nigerian dwarf goats are cherished for their compact size, wholesome personalities, and friendly temperaments, making them among the most liked goats breeds for pets. If you are looking to get yourself a Nigerian dwarf goat, we have got all the information you need. We will guide you on everything from their life expectancy, growth rate to 10 awesome facts about Nigerian dwarf goats that will make you fall in love with them.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats: How Long Do They Live?

Nigerian dwarf goats are small but hardy and thrive in all sorts of climates. This resilience means that their life expectancy is around 10-15 years. However, life expectancy is dependent on a lot of factors such as diet, medical attention, and genes. Usually, goats living in captivity last longer, about 15 years, due to better living conditions and steady access to feed and medical care. In the wild, Nigerian dwarf goats live up to the age of 10.

The age of maturity for this breed of goat is two years. In this time, an average Nigerian goat will reach two feet in height and weigh somewhere between 50 to 80 pounds. That being said, the sexual maturity of these goats is reached much earlier. Males become sexually mature and active by the age of 4 months, whereas, females get ready for reproduction when they are 7-8 months old.

Are The Nigerian Dwarf Goats Good Pets?

Nigerian dwarfs make great pets due to their calm, playful and affectionate personalities. They are easy-going and even-tempered goats that are appropriate companions for people of all ages.

Are Nigerian Dwarf Goats Noisy?

These goats keep to themselves and stay quiet if they are healthy, properly looked after, and well-fed. However, you can expect bleating and loud noises if the goat is lonely, in heat, or requires food.

How Much Milk Do You Get From A Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

Even though these goats are bred for companionship, they can still produce large quantities of milk (up to 8 pounds in one day) considering their small size. Besides that, a female goat gives milk for a long duration of 10 months. The milk of the Nigerian dwarf goat is famous for its sweet taste and high butterfat content which makes it ideal for making cheese.

How Big Will A Nigerian Dwarf Goat Get?

The Nigerian dwarf is a compact breed. Usually, male specimens stand at 24 inches, and females are just slightly short at 22 inches. The weight of this breed can vary a lot depending on the age, diet, genes, and health of the goat. Normally, you can expect the weight of an average goat to be between 50 to 80 pounds.

Can You Keep A Nigerian Dwarf Goat In Your House?

Since these goats are small in size, they can be kept in a house with a yard. Nonetheless, they will still require exercise and entertainment through various objects such as ramps, tunnels, and climbing structures. If the owner is creative in keeping the goat busy, there will be no problem in helping the goat adjust to a small space.

Do Nigerian Goats Stink?

Nigerian dwarfs smell just the same as any other goat. A well-groomed goat will not have an unpleasant smell but if a goat is not properly groomed and bathed regularly it can develop a stink. The stink gets worse during the breeding season.

How Much Land Do Nigerian Dwarf Oats Need?

Nigerian dwarf goats are miniature and therefore, do not require a lot of space. If you have an open range with uneven terrain, the goats will keep themselves busy and entertained on their own. These goats are also ideals for city homes with yards. In that case, you will need to install some objects for the goats to exercise on.

Can You Milk A Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

These goats produce delicious milk in ample quantities. Since they are small and friendly animals, milking them is an easy job. The Nigerian dwarf can be milked in the same way as any other goat which is by squeezing the teats of the animal. 

How Many Babies Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Have?

Nigerian dwarfs can give birth to 2-4 babies in one gestational cycle that lasts 5 months. Generally, a Nigerian goat will give birth to only 1 or 2 in the first kidding and up to 4 in each subsequent kidding.


The Nigerian dwarf is a balanced-tempered and loving breed that gets along with people of all ages. They make lovely pets for companionship but can also be used for breeding and milking purposes. Being small in size makes them ideal pets that can have a long life expectancy of up to 15 years. The Nigerian dwarf has so many great things about it, no wonder it is loved and cherished all over the world.