How Long Does It Take Ice Cream To Freeze?

How Long Does It Take For Ice Cream To Freeze?

The freezing time for all styles of ice cream is about 5 hours, although for making the perfect, it is recommended that the freezing process lasts for 24 hours.

Churning your own ice cream is fun, but not knowing how long to freeze your ice cream can result in a disaster. For ease of understanding, thinking of the freeze time as a two-fold process. In the first step, you follow a base recipe to make a custard base by beating whipping cream using a hand mixer. Then the custard base is left in an electric ice cream maker to soft freeze for 30-60 minutes. After that, the ice cream is put in ice trays, airtight containers, or kept in freezer bowls with a plastic wrap on top for at least 4 hours. To make batches of ice cream with balanced consistency and prevent ice crystals from forming, refrigerate the ice cream mixture for24 hours. 

Keep reading this article to learn more about the freezing process and finding out the most astonishing facts about ice cream!

10 Awesome Ice Cream Facts

Here are 10 fascinating facts about ice cream that will amaze and inform you about your dessert at the same time. 

1. How Much Ice Cream Is Consumed Annually?

 Ice cream is such a well-liked delight that an average American consumes about 23 pounds of it in a single year! That is a lot of ice cream! The mass popularity of ice cream can be judged by the fact that in the United States, the ice cream industry churns out $21 billion every year in profit from selling different style ice cream flavors.

2. When Was The First Ice Cream Made?

While concoctions of homemade ice and various flavors were made as early as the 10th century, industrial production of ice cream began in Boston in 1851. At that time, there were no refrigerators, and ice cream had to be cooled by a running stream of cold water and a mixture of ice and salt.

3. How Many Calories Are In A Cup Of Ice Cream? 

The number of calories in a cup of ice cream depends on the consistency, fat content, and flavor. On average, a cup of ice cream contains 273 calories. This is why ice cream gives a sudden surge of energy.

4. Where Is The Most Ice Cream Made?

The United States is the biggest producer and consumer of ice cream.  90% of American households enjoy eating ice cream, and an average American devours 48 pints of ice cream every year.

5. Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Made From Pig Fat?

No, there is no pig fat in McDonald’s ice cream. In fact, there are no meat-based substances in that ice cream. McDonald’s ice cream is the same as any other homemade ice cream except for some preservatives and a unique consistency.

6. Is Ice Cream Healthy?

Not only is ice cream delicious, but it can have no adverse health effects when consumed in moderation alongside a well-balanced diet. Ice cream is an excellent source of nutrition as it contains all the necessary food elements – fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. However, the bad news is ice cream can be high in sugar, and possibly be pumped with additives and artificial ingredients. Sugar is very unhealthy! So you shouldn’t eat the delicious frozen treat every day.

7. What Is The Most Liked Ice Cream Flavor?

Research shows that chocolate is most people’s favorite flavor since it is consumed in the most considerable quantity. It would also come as no surprise to know that chocolate syrup is the most liked topping.

8. How Many Kinds Of Ice Cream Are There?

Ice cream is produced and enjoyed in a plethora of shapes and forms. Some of the many kinds of ice cream are frozen yogurt, sherbet, popsicles, frozen custard, gelato, low-fat ice cream, sugar-free ice cream, etc.

9. Why Do People Experience Brain Freeze When Eating Ice Cream?

No one likes getting a brain freeze, but as much as it is annoying, it is not harmful in any way. A brain freeze is just your nerves informing your brain about the loss of heat in your mouth.

10. How Long Does It Take To Finish An Ice Cream Cone?

If you stress over your ice cream melting in your hand, then don’t worry because all you need are approximately 50 licks to finish the entirety of the average ice cream cone. Most kids finish an ice cream cone in roughly 5 minutes.

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How Long Does It Take Homemade Ice Cream To Freeze?

The freezing time depends on the ingredients you use. For instance, if you use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar, expect the ice cream maker to form ice crystals and harden the ice cream much faster. On the contrary, the fat content of your ice cream and the quantity of whipping cream used extends the freezing the freeing process. Keeping all these factors in mind, the ice cream maker will churn your ice cream in about 30-60 minutes. On top of that, you will need to store the ice cream in a freezer for at least 4 more hours. To prevent any over-hardening or crystallization, make sure you keep checking the ice cream mixture during the freezing time.

How Long Does It Take Cuisinart Ice Cream Bowl To Freeze?       

The Cuisinart ice cream bowl is an ice cream bowl that allows you to freeze your ice cream faster. But before the ice cream mixture can be poured into the ice cream bowl, it must be stored in a freezer for 16-24 hours. Cuisinart ice cream bowl uses a gel lining instead of ice and salt, which ensure even cooling and balanced consistency of your ice cream. The bowl is compact-sized and easy to clean, making the entire ice cream churning process hassle-free.


Making homemade ice cream is a perfect summertime activity. Everyone loves eating ice cream, and churning ice cream in an electric ice cream maker is an easy and fun family activity. Don’t worry if you struggle with deciding on the right freezing time. Our easy-to-follow information will guide you in making the perfect ice cream. Also, do not forget to follow our tips and consider using a well-frozen Cuisinart ice cream bowl to ensure you get the desired consistency and ice crystal ratio in your ice cream.