Recycle Used iPhone

How To Recycle Old iPhone

The dirty little secret about all of our awesome handheld electronics such as the iPad Air, iPad mini, or any generation of iPhone is that they are giving us a serious problem when it comes to e-waste. Electronic recycling is more of a problem today than at any time in the history of mankind, and that problem is growing as every year a  new version of iPhone, iPad, or other popular electronic device hits the marketplace. In fact, with well over 420 million phones sold by Apple (and 2+ billion iOS devices) through 2018, the problem with cell phone e-waste is only growing. So what do you do with old iPhones? How do you dispose of iPhones in a way that is eco-friendly? We all upgrade our iPhones to have better, faster, and cooler cell phones, but it is important to recycle electronics at every opportunity. So let’s look at some of the things people can do to safely recycle used iPhone!

What do you do with your old phone when you upgrade it?

1. Find a trade-in center online or sell used iPhone

One of the great things about recycling used iPhones is that there is still a strong demand for older models. Therefore, many online companies will pay for old iPhones depending on the condition of the device. Those looking to recycle used iPhones can do a quick online search for “what is my used iPhone worth” to get a better idea of how much they can expect to get for the older models.

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For those looking for an alternative to selling a used iPhone one great option is to trade an older device in for credit for a newer model. For example, wireless carriers such as AT&T offer really cool programs for iPhone trade-ins that provide store credit if a used iPhone is in decent condition. This is a far better option than simply throwing the old iPhone in the trash where components of the electronic device could result in landfill contamination.

2. Gift Your Used iPhone

One minute the iPhone 7 is the coolest cell phone on the market, only to have iPhone 8 became the hottest selling product by Apple. Then iPhone 9 comes along, which is followed by iPhone X, and then iPhone XS. The pattern for the best iPhone deals continues on and on and on like someone trying to solve Pi. However, as people upgrade iPhones, the older models are often still great devices (and more importantly functional) to use. That provides a real pay-it-forward opportunity where a person can gift a used iPhone to a friend or family member in need of a smartphone. Just remember to remove the SIM card, remove any memory card, and complete a factory reset on the iPhone before giving the electronic device away so no personal information is handed over.

3. Use iPhone As Child’s Toy

One great way to recycle used iPhone is to use the as electronic device as a toy for children. Even though an iPhone has a SIM card removed it can still be used by kids who want to play games, stream movies, or listen to music. And if there is no SIM card or Wi-Fi available, a used iPhone can be used as a digital camera for any child who is an aspiring photographer!

4. Make Used iPhone A Secondary Wi-Fi System

When a person upgrades an old iPhone that does not make the used iPhone obsolete. This is because older iPhones can still provide value by acting as an additional Wi-Fi-enabled device. Therefore, a used iPhone can serve as a secondary alarm clock, video chat device, Bluetooth music player, or electronic device to stream movies!


Cell Phone Recycling (By The Numbers)

The reality is e-waste is a significant problem that is only getting worse, making it imperative that recycling your iPhone for its valuable materials is something everyone should consider. Some estimates have electronic waste representing 2% of all waste in landfills. That might not sound bad at first but a closer look at the statistics also show that e-waste represents approximately 70% of all the toxic waste in landfills! That is absolutely shocking! However, by being mindful of electronic recycling habits can and choosing to recycle old iPhones the net impact can be a positive one. For example, over 35,000 lbs of copper, 75 lbs of golf, and roughly 770 lbs of silver can be recovered when one million cell phones are recycled. Considering that approximately 350 million cell phones are thrown away globally each year it is easy to see why it matters that people take a little time to recycle used iPhones or learn how to dispose of a broken iPhone in an environmentally-friendly way.

Learn more about recycling programs near your local municipality by visiting the EPA website.

Recycle iPhone Battery

Many smartphone users have asked the question, “Can I throw away iPhone batteries“? The answer is no because iPhones used lithium-ion batteries that are unsafe to be placed in the normal trash bin. Therefore, it is important to learn how to properly recycle an old iPhone battery. That could require a little work by finding an e-waste recycling center nearby, or a battery recycling facility that specializes in cell phone battery disposal. The best option would be to do a quick search online to learn more about Apple’s Recycling Program or contact someone involved in the community who would have that information on iPhone recycle options.

Do Apple Stores Recycle Old iPhones?

Does Apple recycle mobile devices such as Macbook Air, iPhone, and iPad? According to the Apple Store, the company does offer a trade-in option for Apple iPhones and other products in any condition! Therefore, if recycling your old iPhone is something you wanted to do the company would give you a credit (Apple Store Gift Card) or simply recycle the Apple product for you!