Recycling A Water Heater

How To Recycle A Water Heater

Whether you are doing some home improvement projects or simply looking to upgrade household appliances, one question frequently asked is how to recycle a water heater? There are a lot of environmentally-friendly options when it comes to hot water heater recycling but no option is better than reusing the household appliance. However, if reuse is not an option, let’s discuss some of there other easy ways to recycle a water heater.

Can You Recycle Water Heaters For Money?

If you are getting a new water heater and want to recycle your old one for the money you might be wondering how much is a water heater worth in scrap? The answer is typically around $10-$30, but the scrap metal from your old recycled water heater can net even more money if it is outfitted with copper components. Before recycling an old hot water heater for scrap it is important to drain the tank completely. The reason is that trying to trick a scrap metal dealer is not only ethically wrong but also can get you in trouble with the law for attempted theft.

Helpful Tips: When preparing a water heater for recycling it is important to have the following tools: hammer, multi-saw, and pipe wrench. With the use of a pipe wrench, you can remove any copper or brass, metals that carry more value for recycling. Also, check to see if the water heater is electrical or gas. The reason is that gas water heaters typically have brass knobs and gas regulators located neater the base is also composed of brass. Not to mention, lines from the top of the tank are usually composed of copper. Copper wire can also be found near the temperature control module.

* Be very cautious when recycling a water heater that is gas-powered because highly flammable gas can catch fire or cause an explosion. Specifically, when you are working with the temperature control module of a water heater. So definitely never smoke near the gas-powered water heater.

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Where Can I Dispose Of My Old Water Heater?

When trying to find a hot water heater disposal near me the first place to search is online. There are a lot of great online resources now that make it easy to locate a local water heater recycling center. However, if you aren’t tech-savvy or familiar with using Google then the next best option is to bring your hot water heater to a scrap yard. Here are some additional tips when it comes to appliance recycling:

  • Conduct an online search for an appliance removal company near you
  • See if water heater repairs might be an easier or more affordable option than a new unit
  • Contact your local government or city about recycling your water heater
  • Make sure you get all hazardous waste info before you dispose of your water heater
  • Reach out to a recycling company¬†
  • Consider removing valuable metal or any pieces that could be salvaged such as drain valves or anode rods

Do Scrap Yards Take Water Heaters?

Scrap yards will accept ceiling fan motors, mini transformers, computer equipment, and yes components of hot water heaters, making them a perfect option for junk removal. However, recycling and disposal should be considered in that exact order if waste reduction is your primary concern.

Free Water Heater Disposal

When it comes to water heater recycling the best thing to do is reuse. In fact, there are a lot of great DIY ideas on Pinterest and other eco-friendly blogs that offer many creative ways for people to turn used water heaters into wood fire ovens, gardening decor, and more. However, if you are not that creative type and seeking a free water heater disposal the best thing to do is first contact your local waste management company. They can provide information on where to take a water heater to make sure it is disposed of properly.

Final Thoughts: If you have a tankless water heater, solar water heater, or another form of water tank you wish to recycle then make sure you reach out to some recycling experts in your area to avoid any hazardous waste contaminating the environment. Scrapping your old water heater is a great idea, but please make sure you follow an appropriate disposal guide for your state. Lastly, always reach out to your local government about potential buyback programs that might be available!