Toilet Paper Alternatives

10 Alternatives To Toilet Paper

The Best Toilet Paper & Loo Roll Alternatives!

The recent COVOID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people literally running to the stores to stock up on supplies as families everywhere are now faced with the possibility of long-term quarantines. This global health emergency has caused panic among consumers who have been buying everything off grocery store shelves from canned goods to hand sanitizers. However, one product that has exploded in demand has been toilet paper. Grocery stores are struggling to keep toilet paper stocked which is resulting in a real problem for families in need of basic necessities. Reusable toilet paper, bidet attachment devices, and tushy classic items have now become a critical part in any emergency preparedness kit. So if you are running low on toilet paper and your local grocery store is sold out of bathroom tissue, here are the top 10 toilet paper alternatives to help you get through this crappy situation!

What To Do If There’s No Toilet Paper

Whether you are interested in living a zero waste lifestyle or simply looking for an alternative to toilet paper for personal care purposes, you might be shocked to learn how many options are out there when it comes to a substitute for toilet paper. From mullein leaves to banana leaves, and portable bidets to coffee filters here are the ultimate list of the best ways to wipe your butt if there is another toilet paper shortage!

What Can I Use Instead Of Toilet Paper?

1. Paper

Yes, toilet paper is the softest most comfortable option for your tush, but if you are all empty on bathroom tissue then any form of paper can work. Newspapers, magazines, or any paper product that can absorb can really be a great alternative when your toilet paper is all gone!

2. Bidet

More common in European countries, Bidets are a great toilet paper alternative. The best part is these little toilet accessories can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $29.00. Do you have to wipe after using a bidet? Yes, but usually once to dry off! And honestly, a bidet sprayer is more sanitary than a paper roll. Think of it like this, if a bird popped on your arm would you want to simply wipe it off with paper or would you prefer a water source to clean it? Now apply that same logic to wiping your butt.

3. Flushable Wipes

A little more pricey but often overlooked by many consumers, flushable wipes are a perfect toilet paper alternative for people who prefer to use a wipe but want something a little cleaner than standard bathroom tissue. In fact, wet wipe products are becoming one of the top-selling tp alternatives to the standard toilet roll.

4. Bathroom Sponge

In ancient Roman times, it was quite common for royal elites to wipe their bums with a sponge attached at the end of a stick. Luffas are more common in today’s modern world, and if you are out of bathroom tissue a luffa or bathroom sponge can be a great toilet paper alternative.

5. Face Clothes or Old Rags

Small towels, face cloths, or simply old rags are soft to the skin and absorb enough to provide a toilet tissue alternative. Just make sure you use these one-time and place the used rag in the washer to be disinfected. Clean cloths can really get you out of a jam when the toilet paper is gone, and cleanup is easy if you have a washing machine.

6. Receipts

We all keep old receipts in our wallets, purses, or just around the house, and when you are in desperate need of toilet tissue or soft paper for cleaning yourself receipts can be an amazingly soft toilet paper alternative.

7. Baby Wipes

If they work for babies they will work for you, and that is why baby wipes are a superb toilet paper alternative. However, we highly recommend people not buy baby wipes during an emergency situation such as this pandemic because many parents with babies really do need them as a basic necessity. Cloth toilet paper or even disposable diapers are better alternatives in those unique situations.

8. Corn Husks

Often described as redneck toilet paper, corn husks were one of the earliest toilet paper alternatives before the Industrial Revolution. Corn husks are actually quite soft and many migrant workers on farms are still known to utilize this bathroom tissue alternative when working in the fields. Not only does this natural living approach to cleaning your butt still work, but it saves money as well!

9. Snow

How can I poop without toilet paper? The answer is to utilize the resources available in nature! One of the biggest issues backpackers and hikers have faced recently has been many outhouses and restrooms that have had toilet paper stolen. Without bathroom tissue available and limited supplies, snow can be an excellent toilet paper alternative! Snow is easily molded and can disposable, but prepared to have a cold butt!

10. Cotton Balls

Women and mothers often have cotton balls or pads in their bathrooms or purses, but did you know that cotton balls can be a terrific toilet paper alternative? Cotton balls are a great bathroom tissue replacement because they are thick enough to where they won’t get your hands contaminated or dirty during the wiping process.

Bonus Tip: Sure a reusable cloth diaper or water bottles with warm water squirted on your butt to act as a bidet are additional ways to clean yourself, but anything that allows you to clean yourself in a sanitary fashion is good so don’t be afraid to get creative. And always remember that poison ivy is always a terrible choice!

How Can I Poop Without Toilet Paper?

Listen, nobody wants to use the restroom without having access to soft and absorbent toilet paper rolls, but that is simply not going to be the case every time. Especially, if you are traveling to a third-world country or another pandemic occurs. Therefore, the best way to go poop when a toilet paper product is not available is to work with facial tissue, reusable toilet cloth, wet bag, or even a squirt bottle. Again, the idea of using toilet cloths or a peri bottle to clean your tushy might not sound great but they are better than leaving yourself unclean.

We would encourage everyone to utilize zero waste toilet paper options as they are by far the most eco-friendly, but if a bidet seat or tree-free toilet paper is not a viable solution for you and your family then please research environmentally friendly sustainable toilet paper (recycled toilet paper).

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