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10 Best Vegan Dog Food Brands

Pet lovers know there are a lot of options on the market when it comes to adult dry dog food, but did you know there is wet and dry dog food available for dogs on vegan diets? Yup! Vegan dog food can now be found online and at organic pet stores for those interested in healthy vegan cooking for their pets. So if your pup has food sensitivities or you are concerned about your dog’s nutritional health, this article will serve as a buying guide to the 10 best vegan brands for puppy food. The truth is we love every vegan dog food brand described below so please know this article is not ranking food formulas by brand, but rather providing the best options available for pet owners. 

1. Halo Pets

If you are looking for a vegan-friendly dog food that takes a holistic approach to its recipes then Halo Pets is a brand you have to check out. Halo Pets sources its ingredients from sustainable farms, making the plant-based dog food perfect for any pet owners who have pooches with sensitive stomachs. Halo vegan puppy food is created from plant-based protein ingredients such as chickpeas, green peas, and whole grains. What we love most about halo vegan food is that the company offers both dry and canned recipes. This is because some dogs prefer wet dog food over dry food. 

Halo Pets offers both dog food and treats! So if you are looking for a healthy dog treat we would encourage you to try the company’s line of doggie chow. These goodies include Quinoa cookies, Vegan Peanut’n Pumpkin biscuits, and Vegan Sweet Potato treats!


2. Lord Jameson

When it comes to feeding your dog the best vegan dog treats, Lord Jameson is the company with some of the most unique options. Lord Jameson offers plant-based goodies that are all organic in nature for both puppies and adult dogs. One awesome product they have is Daily Greens which has a recipe featuring spinach and chia seeds that is not only tasty for your dog’s palette but also quality pet food that is beneficial to your dog’s health! Another one of their vegan recipes is called Golden Health which features flaxseed and turmeric that have been shown to be quality sources for healthy vegan nutrition. 


3. Pupums

For pet owners who have a picky puppy when it comes to their plant-based choices, Pupums has some great options for your pooch. The company created treats that are 100% human-grade, plant-based, non-GMO, and with the highest quality of ingredients for your pets. The preservative-free treats are made with essential nutrients that include unique flavors such as Peanut Butter Crunch, Sweet Potato Pie, and Crispy Oatmeal Chip.


4. Wild Earth

How could we even create a complete guide of the best vegan dog food formula options on the market without including Wild Earth’s popular brands!? Certified 100% vegan, Wild Earth offers clean protein formulas that use nearly 90% fewer of Earth’s resources than traditional dog food that uses animal products. Loaded with 10 essential amino acids, prebiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids, Wild Earth’s vegan dog food is guaranteed to help your pup achieve healthy skin, maintain a healthy weight, get a shinier coat, and have overall higher energy. Assuming, your puppy doesn’t have enough energy already! The vegan dog treats also are packed with essential ingredients that promote overall good health. The best part? Wild Earth has products that come in tasty flavors such as Banana & Cinnamon!


5. Addiction

Pet owners worried about canned dog food or formula dry dog food due to their dog’s food sensitives should check out Zen Vegetarian food by Addiction. With plant-based ingredients that are rich in isoflavones, brown rice, kelp, peas, and other vegan superfoods, Addiction is the perfect dog food formula for pups who need to eat kibble that is free of preservative-free and artificial flavorings. 


6. Honest Paws

Are you interested in hemp treats for your puppy? If you answered yes, then check out some of the awesome products such as the Calm Hemp Peanut better treats created by Honest Paws. This wildly popular dog biscuit is made with hyaluronic acid, oats, and turmeric, so your pooch can stay a little more clam during storms, when you are traveling or any other stressful events in the dog’s life!


7. Benefit Pet Products

Benefit Pet Products are locally sourced, nutritional biscuits made from whole foods that promote overall health and pet well-being. The company offers vegetarian recipe treats that focus on immunity, fresh breath, protein, urinary health, and digestive health. Benefit Pet Products is a small business that began selling its vegetarian formula treats at farmers’ markets across Oregon before expanding nationwide. 


8. Sooper Treats

Has your puppy been good and he or she deserves a reward in the form of a tasty vegan dry dog food treat? Then check out one of the most popular brands for vegan treats and dog biscuits in Sooper Treats! If you are looking for unique flavors such as Pitaya beet, Blue Majik Blueberry, or Turmeric Maca then Sooper Treats is certainly worth checking out. The best part? Every purchase of Sooper Treats vegan biscuits results in a small donation to the American Humane, an awesome charity that puts rescue dogs with our courageous veterans suffering from PTSD. 


9. Gather Endless Valley

Made with Certified Organic & sustainably grown peas, Gather Endless Valley’s vegan recipe dog food is filled with Omega-3s, Omega-6s, sunflower oil, and flaxseed. This is the reason Gather Endless Valley’s products are great for helping a dog get a shiny coat and healthy skin. The natural ingredients are also shown to be helpful for dogs with arthritis. 


10. V-Dog

A vegan-owned and operated company that has been helping feed dogs plant-based treats since 2005, V-Dog has products with limited ingredients to help keep pups healthy. From vegan dry dog food to wet food, V-Dog offers some of the best food completely free of animal products. For example, their Kind Kibble recipe is cooked with quinoa, lentils, peas, and the best superfood ingredients void of soy, wheat, corn, and other fillers commonly found in dog food. 



Natural Balance Vegetarian Dog Food

We could not finish this guide without mentioning the most popular vegetarian formula dry dog food company on the market today: Natural Balance. Vegan diets for dogs are great, but if you need a more vitamin B12-rich solution for your puppy then we recommend you check out Natural Balance vegetarian options. Natural Balance has been in business for over 30 years providing dog and cat food of the highest quality, and therefore we felt it would be irresponsible to not give them a shout-out. 

Should A Dog Be Vegan?

Absolutely! In fact, vegan dog food has been shown in many studies to be healthier than traditional meat-based dog foods. However, every puppy responds differently to dietary changes so it is important to make sure the dog is getting sufficient protein and amino acids from the vegan or vegetarian dog food brand you go with. 

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