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Best Leather Tool Pouch For Vegans

Whether you are a hair stylist, photographer, or carpenter, there is no doubt that you use some form of bag tool belt. Sure, the fanny pack and bum bags are making a comeback, but they can appear less professional. Using a waist pouch for hair-cutting equipment, tool holder for your camera gear, or hammer holders on the job site, makes getting the job done easier. The problem? There is an abundance of options for leather bags, but nearly no options for people seeking a functional (or stylish) vegan leather tools belt. This is why we decided to learn more about vegan leather belt bag options and see what was out there for animal lovers.

Our team searched Reddit, Amazon, vegan forums, and even did every Google search query imaginable from “tool belt vegan” to “unisex bum bag faux leather“. Although our search for the perfect vegan pouch bag or vegan leather belt for tools didn’t provide the results we had hoped for, we did find some cool products. Now, let’s show you the results we found for the best faux leather tools bags for animal lovers!

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Amazon Utility Belt Bag Vegan

When we started searching for any type of tool bag, waist belt, or tool holder that was created with vegan fabrics, the first place we went was Amazon. The good news was Amazon had a wide range of options for travel waist tool bags, leather tools belt bag options, and basically belt pouch choice you can think of for a carpenter. The problem? Vegan bags, belts, and utility tool holder options were nearly impossible to find. How hard? We literally had to call Amazon support and ask them to locate a vegan tool belt for us that had a good rating. Here was the only option they recommended:


  • Bag waist belt pouch 
  • 26 pockets and hammer loop
  • Belt adjustable 

The most popular utility tool bag for carpenters is made by Occidental Leather which sadly does not offer any vegan adjustable belt solutions. 

Vegan Leather Camera Strap For Photographers 

Leather tools belt options are common in all industries, but they are very prevalent in photography. Especially, when it comes to camera straps. Until now. One company called Hold Fast Gear has created one of the more unique utility belts for photographers called the Money Maker. If you are a wedding photographer or travel photographer, we highly recommend this utility belt vegan fans are absolutely loving right now!


Tool Belts On Etsy Vegan

So you are looking for a simple bag: black. A hip bag or bags tool items can be held in. As the theme of this article has constantly been reinforced, it isn’t easy. Amazon and Wal-Mart won’t have many if any, options so you will need to take a more unorthodox route. This is where Etsy can help! 

Etsy has a lot of handcrafted items and a vibrant community of vegans and other people who love organic, animal-friendly products. The products on Etsy constantly change so you will want to visit the website and search for “vegan tool belts” to find out what is available whenever you are ready!


Hair Stylist Faux Leather Tool Belt

If you are a hairstylist looking for a utility vest or bags, fanny included, the market is saturated with leather products. But for the animal lover, the only product we found that had a good customer rating was a vegan leather tool belt by Uphayr. The company has a Shopify e-comm store where they offer a wide variety of hair care products, but the vegan tool belt has the following features:

  • Holds 6+ hair products inside pouches with a drawstring running through the top
  • The large pouches also have extra sections sewn into the pouch for even more security (ensuring your products, water bottles, etc are firmly in place)
  • Pouch for your phone to be readily available 
  • Zipper pocket for holding hair ties/ elastics
  • The magnetic strip holds bobby pins in a convenient location with easy accessibility
  • 3 individual comb sections
  • 2 brush loops


If more vegan tool or utility belt products become available we will update this article for your benefit. 

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